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Basic User

£0.00 / FREE

  • Trial Polls (up to 10 voters)
  • Up to 10 polls a month
  • All Voting Types Available
  • Export Results to PDF
  • Export each vote paper to PDF / CSV

Anonyvoter Single Event

£14.99 One-Off Payment

  • All Free Features, PLUS
  • Up to 50 polls during one single month
  • Up to 300 voters for any poll
  • Perfect for AGMs
  • Full Support Available

Anonyvoter Subscription

£59 / YEAR or £17.99 / QUARTER

  • All Free Features, PLUS
  • Up to 200 polls a year
  • Up to 300 voters for any poll
  • Full Support Available
  • Easy Cancellation

or if you have been given an Anonyvoter Code by your organisation, please Log In or Register a free account first, then select Upgrade, and enter your code to this screen.

If you or your organisation require higher limits than the subscription package (e.g. more than 300 voters per poll), or multiple users linked to the same account, no problem, we can easily accomodate this! Please get in touch with us through our Contact Page to discuss your requirements.